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Red Rock Hospice Service

When the time comes that a cure is not already possible to heal the illness of your loved one, we are here to extend our support and care to help your family live with peace of mind. Our professional staff members at Red Rock Hospice are enhanced with the knowledge and attitude in providing customized hospice care.

Check Hospice Eligibility

Timely and appropriate identification of patients eligible for hospice care improves the likelihood that they along with their families can obtain the compassionate end-of-life care they need. By law, healthcare professionals are tasked with certifying whether patients qualify for hospice care or not.

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If it is an emergency, please call us at (702) 540-7707


We ensure that our hospice patients and their families receive the best care possible and that you and your family won't be burdened by overpaying for hospice care.

Covered by some of the major Insurances

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